Govt. & Other Subsidy Services


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Subsidies play an important role in the economic development of India. It is commonly provided in the form of a cash payment or a tax reduction to an individual, businesses or institution by the government of India. It is formed to reduce the financial burden of individuals and to promote social good or economic policy.

Finance Mart is a professional firm providing consulting services for various government and other subsidies. We have skilled and experienced professionals having in-depth knowledge of the state and central government rules and regulations and funding opportunities which allow us to provide comprehensive advice to our clients. We provide various Govt. & Other Subsidy Services to any size and type of businesses, industries or individuals which is available under the schemes given by the Central Government & State Government.

We help our clients to claim various Government and other subsidies such as:


  1. Capital Subsidies are available as per various government scheme which reduce your Project Cost & Capital expenditure
  2. Interest Subsidies are available as various government scheme which reduces your Interest Cost.

As Value Added services to our clients, we have been endeavored to provide financial assistance by availment of various types of Central Government and State Governments Subsidies such as :

  • Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme (CLSS)
  • Capital Investment Scheme Subsidy by the State Government
  • Interest Subsidy to MSME
  • Assistance for Venture Capital
  • Capital Subsidy & Various Incentives for Food & Agro Industries
  • Capital Subsidy for Textile Units
  • Technology Up-gradation & Quality Certification Incentives
  • Capital Subsidy for Industrial Park
  • VAT & GST Reimbursement Scheme
  • Electricity Duty Exemption Scheme
  • Power Tariff Subsidy for Specified Industries